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Texas Hold’em Bonus PokerTM

With Progressive Jackpot

Fast action, heads up Texas hold’em with progressive jackpot.


Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is one of the leading heads-up poker games and can be found in land based and online casinos across the World.

The objective of this game is to beat the dealer with your best five card poker hand made up from your two hole cards and the five community cards.

The game provides two optional side bets that can be played alongside the main game. The BONUS bet and the progressive JACKPOT bet:

JACKPOT – The current JACKPOT total prize value is displayed on the left of the main table and won based on the rank of your five card poker hand, comprised of your two hole cards and the three community cards in the Flop only. This bet has an RTP% of 78%.

BONUS – The BONUS bet is based exclusively on your two hole cards. This bet has an RTP% of 91.46%.

The BONUS and JACKPOT bets are optional.


English, Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch (Netherlands), German, French

Return To Player

Base Game 97.96-99.47%
Bonus 91.09%
Jackpot 78%

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